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Program Overview

Hopeful Arms Foundation’s mission is to stop the cycle of poverty by saturating the homeless population with the tools to succeed. Rebirth: Shelter Life is a program designed to monitor and mentor shelter residents after shelter departure for 3 months. Rebirth is a 3-month curriculum based program designed to assists shelter residents with life plans, finance, career, parental and emotional support. The program will be a combination of one on one meetings, and curriculum with mentors/teacher. Once the individual completes the program they will receive a completion certificate, a reward stipend amount to be put into an interest accruing savings account to continue to promote healthy financial support, and the opportunity to train be apart of the Hopeful Arms Mentor team.

What are some benefits of our Rebirth Shelter Life Program?
As a part of the curriculum, participants will be required to read 1 book approved by mentor each month that will encourage, challenge, promote a healthy self-awareness, and educate the mentee.

Curriculum Chapters:

  1. 1st Trimester (1st Month)

    As in a natural pregnancy, a mom in the first trimester is getting prepared to give birth to a beautiful creation. During this time there is a lot of uncertainty and uncomfortableness, but the main aspect that each mom has in common is planning and preparation for birth. In the first month of transition out of the shelter, individuals are learning how to THRIVE on their own without the constraints of the shelter. Rebirthing their given purpose, and will to live and be successful. Participants are getting reacclimated to intertwining work, parenting, paying bills, etc. During the first month of mentoring, we guide Rebirth participants through planning, preparation, and healthy transition by tackling the many aspects of life.

  2. 2nd Trimester (2nd Month)

    In the second trimester, FORMATION begins to happen. In a pregnancy, the baby’s heart begins to form and then comes all the other aspects of arms, legs and thus forth. During this stage of the curriculum, we mentor the individuals on getting to the core of their existence and taking advantage of resources and opportunities. By this stage, participants will have already constructed a life plan with short term and long-term goals. We will continue to reinforce healthy practices in finances, career placement, education, and parental support.

  3. 3rd Trimester (3rd Month)

    In the last month of pregnancy, your clear that something is going to come out but often moms are still a little hesitant on what to expect and in any birthing situation the one that is about to push is always unsure, scared, and just a little nervous. By this stage of the program, our Rebirth participants have learned to formulate goals, life plans, and are on track to hitting a stride of life that they can successfully navigate. In this month of the mentoring, we will have our participants PUSH!

  4. PUSH

    In this phase of PUSH, our participants will have the opportunity to enter a mentor training program, to train for a Hopeful Arms Foundation Rebirth Mentor position.