Hope is the dream that awakens the soul.

About Hopeful Arms Foundation…



Hopeful Arms Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization working to break the cycle of poverty for economically disadvantaged families. In life, there are times when we are forced to  start over, veer from the purpose path, or maybe uncertain of the next step.


Our mission is to be a change agent in the community. Our mission is to see single parents and those experiencing homelessness reach goals to eradicate poverty. We serve the communities by giving Rebirth seminars in shelters, Mentor programs, and Meet the Need Outreach initiatives for Homeless and Single Parents.


  • Create a “Safe Haven” atmosphere for those in need i.e. homeless and single parent population.
  • Economically stimulate communities who are susceptible to poverty and low income housing, by offering purpose thread seminars.
  • Impact poverty/low income communites through outreach initiatives.
  • Build a bridge of communication between communities and parents.



Single Parent Safe Havens, Homeless Feeding Initiative, World Missions

Purpose Threads

We provide a series of Purpose Threads Seminars to help with navigating through life in areas of identity, goals, visions, financial, and etc. Seminars can be held at any location around the world with Purpose Thread Mobile.

Rebirth Shelter Life

We are breaking the chains of poverty, by going into the shelters holding Purpose Thread seminars. These seminars are designed for goal setting, budgeting, parenting, and re-entry into society life.

Life Coach/Mentor

We offer one on one and group sessions.


Ramona Hernandez

“The Rebirth Shelter Life Program helped me and my children get back on my feet. This program taught me how to set goals for my life, budgeting, and other life skills to assist me with being successful in the future.”

Daphne Burke

“As a single parent, I was searching for help as a new single mom. The Hopeful Arms Foundation mentor program came in and they helped me to adjust to being a single mom and having goals for my life. I learned that I can still dream and set expectations for my family.”